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    which one is better choice

    I m still looking for a HU, eclipse cost a little too much, plus there is no one sell it in Tallahassee. So i have the following HU in my mind.

    Clarion ProAudio DXZ755MC, JVC KD-SHX700, and Pioneer Premier DEH-P8MP

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    Re: which one is better choice


    Pioneer, clarion, then sony

    If you can find an alpine do so.

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    Re: which one is better choice

    I'd say pioneer, BUT if you are buying online do a search and get familiar with their common issues. Haven't heard anything bad about those Pro Audio's in a long time.

    Anarchy57 , bud of mine has that model Pioneer and has some noise issues attributed to his front preouts. Someone posted a while back having issues with the motorized face on it as well. If you a search you can come across other similar issues across other decks in the pio line.

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