I have two questions/complaints that Alpine has not been able to address when I have called. Perhaps someone out there can help?

1) The manual for the 9855 shows that you can view three title lines. All I have appearing is 2. When listening to my iPod I cannot get Artist and Song Title to appear as a combo of the two lines. Just Album and Song or Artist and Album. Is there any way to have the third line show or to have Artist and SOng Title to show?

2) One of my biggest complaints about the 9855/420i combo (and don't get me wrong, I love it!) is that the head unit defaults to M.I.X. Album as the equivalent of the iPods shuffle. The unit has M.I.X. All but you have to manually set that each time you start your car. Who listens to a shuffled album? Does anyone know if you can switch the default to M.I.X. All so you are using the Shuffle equivalent?

Thanks in advance everyone!