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Reload Thread: Tuning of Alpine CDA-9811

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    Tuning of Alpine CDA-9811

    Could anyone give me some tips for tuning this headunit, For some reason, I can't get it to sound right.. I feel like i could use a little more mids, and i can only adjust the treble and the bass...


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    Re: Tuning of Alpine CDA-9811

    I've got the same one...its pretty easy if you sit with it and the manual. If your trying to fix the time correction, use alpine's website.

    Hold the bass button to select base type; the bottom middle key does time correction and bass focus and if you hold it down, you'll get to the x-over options. the MX button will just turn it off or on unless you hold it which will allow you to select which "MX mode" setting to use, i was told number 3 is the best.....

    little hint I learned...Hold the "F" button next to the number 1 on your presets to bring up the setup menu...assuming you have subs, you can turn them off and tune your low, mids, and highs accordingly. Just get the manual from alpine's website and read through it for some more hints or questions.

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