Hi guys I just recently bought 2 Jl Audio 12" W3v.2's brand new I got them for 150 a peice... anyways since it was a decent deal when i went to purchase the 4 Ohm subs and they did not have them anymore, so i bought two 2 Ohm subs... anyways i am comfortable hoooking the subs up to the amp that i will eventually get for it (the JL 500/1) Parallel to eventually make it 4Ohms, but right now i have a little amp that i really haven't heard of the name unitl i bought it is a Total Moblie Audio amp... it is actually a pretty good amp its a 400/2 channel amp... my question is HOW WOULD I HOOK THESE SUBS UP TO THIS AMP UNTIL I CAN AFFORD THE JL 500.1? Is it even an option would i Under power these subs at all? the box is a custom dual ported box... please any information or advice would help thanx for your time