I have a jeep wrangler in which I installed an Alpine 9830. It works well with my JL 300/4, JL 500/1, alpine subs, infinity front and polk rear speakers. But now I am going to put something in my 91 Honda CRX.

I am only going to drive one at a time and wish I could buy just teh body to the radio and switch faceplates for whatever I am driving at the time but I am assuming that is cost prohibitive.

If I have to buy a whole new HU, it would be very boring to get the exact same thing, so here are a few I have considered.

Alpine 9827. Found new for $200. I do not liek teh fact it lacks the 9830 and above EQ flexibility. Will I be able to tell the difference?

Clarion DRZ 845MC. found new for $250 from Crutchfield. It's plus for me is it's different from teh alpines but again lacks the 4 EQ of 9830 and it's pre-amps are only 1.8 v complered to 4 for alpines. Will I be able to tell a difference in teh volt ratnpgs?

Eclipse 8053 or 5444. I'v been told I can get a good price on the 8053 but I can;t find one. These are very **** but at a price. Anyone know of one for a good price.

Those are the main ones I have considered but open to suggestions. I'd like the eclipse but refuse to pay MSRP. I will eventually add 2 subs and 2 amps along with components but want the HU choce cleared up.

Any suggestions will be appreciated and let me know if you see any good used deals out there.