Ok, I didn't tell anyone, but in the end, I bought a "Power Acoustik" PA 507 CD reciever from TheZEB as a gift for an old GF. Everything was going smooth, it came in a day early, everything was in perfect shape, TheZeb really proved themselves to me with only one sale.

Then I had to install it...

Everything that could go wrong did. Her car is an 88 Chrysler Lebaron, for those that know, this means removing the HU means pulling off part of the dash. It took 3 hours to install this HU. Then it didn't work. Not the CD part, just the FM radio. #@^$*%!!!!

So, now I'm returning it, I got an RMA with no problem, I'm really starting to like TheZEB's customer support. So, I'm going to try again, with a better HU from the same company.

Same predicament. Need a decent quality (Won't blow up after 10 months) HU, but this time around my budget is around $100 w/out shipping, and the only site I'm buying from is TheZEB.com.
Pre-outs are not an issue, since no amplifier will be attached.

My current choice is the same as mine, the JVC KD-G300, IMO an excellent HU for the money.

EDIT: If you're looking for an inexpensive HU, for the love of God, DON'T BUY THE PA 507 CD!