KW-V820BT The RCA pre amp output voltage is 4V. If one were to tap into the rear speaker channnel for an RCA output to an amp what would that signal voltage be?? I ask because I have a plug n play factory amp replacement kit for my 2010 Camaro. My car came with a factory Boston amp. (It's ****) Subthump has created a harness that plugs right into the factory wiring in the trunk and gives you everything you need to replace that amp with a four or five channel. The harness taps into the speaker wire to give you 2 RCA outputs. I want to know what signal voltage I'm seeing on those and if it would be better to just run some RCAs up front.

Set up: JVC KW-V820BT head unit, PAC audio Camaro dash kit(awesome!) JBL GX 600C front components, stock Boston rear 6x9s, 4 channel Sound Ordnance amplifier, 2 12" Kicker Comp C (2017 models) 600 W RMS Kicker Mono sub amp.

I'm not against running cables to the rear but if I won't gain anything by doing so I'll stick with the harness outputs.