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Reload Thread: Is it worth it for me to get a new HU?

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    Is it worth it for me to get a new HU?

    Currently running a decent alpine one. alpine ute-42bt

    It only have 2 sets of preouts @ 2v each. Currently I'm using y splitters to run my 4 channel off the "front" preouts and my sub amp is going off the "rear/sub" preouts.

    Is it worth upgrading to something that has 3 preouts (front,rear,sub) and is at 4V? Will I even notice a difference? Maybe something like this: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-ca/produ...4a643fd3ffen02

    Currently running:

    Alpine PDX-F4 with 4 coaxial speakers
    Sundown SAZ-2000D
    Sundown X12 sub

    2000 F150 4.6L Extended Cab - Build in Progress
    • Sundown SAZ-2000D (Purchased from 350zspl - Thanks mate!)
    • Sundown Zv4 Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer: Ordered from SSA
    • 2.5 Cu Ft @ 32hz: Building this fall
    • 240A G Series MechMan H/O Alternator: Coming soon

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    Re: Is it worth it for me to get a new HU?

    You may, but it depends. If the HU is by far the "weakest" link in your system, then yes. You have coaxial speakers, so aside from fader control and a few extra features, I don't see it being worth the money for you. Amplifiers can already do full power with your 2V pre-outs anyway. You're good.

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    Re: Is it worth it for me to get a new HU?

    you'll need one if your sub feels like its falling behind your music. With coaxials you probably dont need an SQ head unit. When you get to components then most definitely switch it up to a better head unit.

    Clip city b1tch, clip clip city b1tch. 10's, 12's, 15's, goin up in flames b1tch.
    2009 Sienna 3.5L Subs : C2 threatcon 15s. Sub amp: hifonics brx 2400.1D x 2
    Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS bought used from vertex audio Mids/Highs amp: PPI Phantom 900.4 - bought from dragnix
    Front stage: 3 way active front stage with Massive Audio CKX 6x9 component. ckx 6x9 midbass in doors + DB drive pro audio 6.5 in the kick. Rear stage: Jbl ms62C(Its a van I need rear fill). Still NOT ENOUGH! SEND HELP!! 4 Pro Audio 10s in the future
    320 amp Singer alt almost installed. Just a group 31 deka in the back atm with big 3 finished.

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