hi guys
i hope you can help
i have had a Kenwood KDC-BT73DAB - CD MP3 Car Stereo DAB fitted in my car
and it came with the windscreen dab ariel, however the signal is poor and cuts off reguarly which is annoying...
as i paid extra money for the dab...

is there a way of improving the dab signal with minimum cost?

also the fm tuner does not work, the mechanic said i am missing a special adaptor... but i can buy it and add it myself by removing the cubby and adding connecting to the wire which is on the stereo... (there is a wire which comes out of the stereo which has an input port ) i assumed this was for the dab cable, but he said no, the dab cable goes directly in the stereo port (at the back)

can anyone advise on the above please?

1) improving dab reception

2) which adaptor do i need for fm/am tuner to work?