I bought an Hifonics BRX1100.1D amplifier, a Sundown SA-12 subwoofer and a Pioneer DEH-X7500S headunit (with a Stinger voltmeter and an iPod Touch) a few months ago. Everything always run pretty decently and I am happy with my setup. However, today, my headunit started to turn off suddenly. In other words, for no reason, the headunit was shutting off for a few seconds and then come back on (with the amplifier and the voltmeter because they are on the remote). Sometimes it was doing it every 15 minutes and sometimes every 5 seconds: it was really unstable. Some may say it may be my connections, but here is a really weird fact: to stop the amplifier from being shut on and off constantly, I decided to close the headunit manually (with the headunit controls) to turn off the remote circuit. Like maybe every headunit, mine was displaying the time (when it was off) and it never did it again! The headunit never turned off again when the remote was off! I did not tried it again with the remote on, but I am really curious about the situation. Any clue about it? Thanks!