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Reload Thread: Eclipse dealer//someone who knows about them

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    Eclipse dealer//someone who knows about them

    Have the chance to get an eclipse nav unit in great shape... but the owner forgot the code he locked it with when he changes his car battery.. so the unit is locked.

    I could get it super cheap because of this, anyone have any idea what I could do if I got it?

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    Re: Eclipse dealer//someone who knows about them

    You might have to send it in to Fujitsu ten/ eclipse What they do is hook it up on there computer and get the esn to see if its stolen if its ok then they can unlock it but you have to send it in And since elclpse is out of business. I don't know where to send it in to. But send them an email. They should be able to help

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    Re: Eclipse dealer//someone who knows about them

    I thought Fujitsu ten/ eclipse doesnt even touch them now. I was told that anything has to be sent to United Radio.

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