Hello everyone. New guy here.

I picked up an open box IVE-W535HD for 280.00 and I will be replacing a CDA-9851 radio. From what I understand the existing harness (from the 9851) will be compatable with the IVE-W535HD and should be plug and play. I do not have anything fancy such as backup camera, amps, subs, etc. Is this correct? Most of the shops in my area want 300+ to install the radio in my Trailblazer and I would much rather do it myself (I can and I am able). I was just curious if it was as simple as my friend thinks and will be just a plug and play situation.

I looked up online pictures of both harnesses and they look identical minus a few extra "optional" wires (on the IVE-W535HD harness).

Thanks for your input guys!