Just got another car and it came with the Eclipse 55430 head unit with 8 disc changer.

However, it is asking for the security code, telling me to call the 800 number.

I am wondering if there is any way to reset the device, without paying $30 over the phone. She said I pay $30 and then we see if it is able to reset, and if it isn't, I send it in. Ha! They probably charge a grand for that, being I have to pay $30 just to receive a 6 digit code.

Anyway to reset this without the code? I heard something about solder points, but this unit doesn't have it.

I like the CD changer in the trunk and I'm not sure if I can use that with another head unit. Keep in mind, I'm new to this car audio subject. I am a computer repair guy, so I know electronics.

Any help?