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Reload Thread: HU Preamp Voltage (again, I know, sorry)

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    HU Preamp Voltage (again, I know, sorry)

    I have a question concerning car audio for my 06 Mustang 4.0L Coupe, I've settled on Sound Ordnance for one 12 inch sub, the amp and for replacing my front speakers.

    The question concerns HU's, I was informed that it would be best to get a HU with a preamp voltage of 4 volts, my vehicle is a double din HU. I would prefer to replace the Shaker 500 with another double din HU so the vehicle still looks stock and doesnt have that "map holder" slot to fill the space.

    Problem is I have been unable to find any double din HU's with 4v, I have found DVD players with 4V but I have no need for a DVD player,

    Does anyone think it will really make a huge difference between 2.0v-4.0v as for noise feedback?

    Also if it helps, for the most part I listen to country and rock, you will never hear anything else coming out of my car.


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    Re: HU Preamp Voltage (again, I know, sorry)

    If you can find a 4v with the features you want/need,,get it!

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    Re: HU Preamp Voltage (again, I know, sorry)

    There are plenty of SQ systems out there running 2V preouts. My JVC DDIN is 2.5V and I have no problems with it.

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