So I installed a Pioneer DEH-1300MP in my car about 11 months ago and everything worked fine up until now.

The radio has started to randomly shut off and sometimes not power on at all. Sometimes I will turn the car to ON or ACC and it will turn on. At other times it will only turn on when I start the car. It also shuts off at random once it is on. It will turn on for maybe 30 seconds while I am driving then cut out again. It could also play for 20 minutes then randomly cut out.

I have checked my wires and they are all intact. I checked the voltage when the radio was kicking off at the ignition wire, and constant 12V wire and they were both reading about 13.8 with the car on, even though the radio was not on.

Do you think the device is defective or maybe that the connector on the radio harness is defective?