Anyone have or had this unit? Good option? I am looking for a few things in a good h/u. Im kinda sick of seeing cords and memory sticks hanging out the front of a h/u. I went as far as to hunt down a thin cable for my iPod thats only like 6" long. Just to not have that clutter and eye sore.

So no usb on front, nor a 3.5mm jack. I havent used that, ever. On anything. LOL.

so, with this in mind, we well as wanting 4+ volts on the pre-outs, I narrowed it down to a few units. The JVC KD-A95BT stands out the most. If anyone has knowledge on the quality of the build as well as the output, I'd like to hear some opinions or reviews. I havent played with one in store yet, so I dont know 1st hand. I'll look thru the local places this week and next to see. The unit I am replacing is a Pioneer DEH-P8300UB.