Got a question. I had my JVC KW-NT800HDT installed in my 2008 Sierra and all of the settings/Navigation/DVD options worked while the vehicle was in motion, however now that I have my new SUV, I installed it without the VSS Wire and the Brake Wire, so it's running off of the GPS Sensor and I cannot select anything in Navigation, change my audio settings or play DVD's while the truck is in motion.

My question is, is the Brake Wire triggered by a ground or a positive signal? Do I need to connect the VSS Wire? I believe I need to ground the Brake Lead Wire and it's not necessary to hook up the VSS Wire. My VSS Wire is behind the dash gauge cluster so it's a pita to get to.

Also, certain audio settings keep getting reset; the active crossover keeps reverting from having it active and crossed over at 80Hz back to "Through" as in Pass Through. I haven't installed the update on the unit yet. I didn't have this problem with my previous 800HDT. This is a brand new unit as I had it replaced after totaling my Sierra.