Hello all. I have a quick question.

A couple years ago, I bought my wife an alpine iDa-X303 for her volvo 940. But when I tried to install it, I became very intimidated by all of the volvo weirdness. I have both the amplifier bypass harness, and the primary harness which connects power and switching, etc and took a second look feeling a little more confident.

On the primary harness, there are four unmarked wires which I know with absolute certainty correspond by studying the I/O board from the disassembled factory radio to be the low-level input for the under-dash amplifier.

I figure that I have two choices here. I could either use the bypass harness and hook up the speakers directly from the Alpine unit using it's internal amplifeier, or I could connect RCA connectors to these wires which correspond to the low-level input of the OEM amplifier.

My question is, is there any risk of the head unit being damaged by the OEM amplifier? I'm inclined to just use the built-in amplifier, it'd be easier to wire and I'd ensure that six speakers will sound. But if there is any risk of the OEM amplifier not being compatible with the Alpine head, then I wouldn't want to risk it. I realize that this probably seems like a strange question, that the amplifier might damage the head, but I really don't understand load impedance very well, especially on the input side.