hey all.. this is my first post here and hopefully ill have many more.. just a question for ya guys..

i installed a pioneer avh-p4400bh into my 06 grand cherokee a couple weeks back and so far i love it!! i had to use a can-bus so i could still use the factory amp along with the factory BA speakers.. but im really not too audio inclined to properly set a custom EQ on the hu..

i liked the factory radio because there was only 3 settings highs mids and lows.. i like mosly highs to be played with VERY little bass coming through the speakers, but still some bass just no too overpowering... did i loose anyone yet with my awesome audio vocabulary?? i cant seam to tweak this radio to play good and all the preset EQ settings.. just dont sound right to me. after about vol 19 there really isnt an increase in sound just a little distortion.. i cant distinctly hear the guitar playing but it all sounds like a smorgasbord of instruments playing... can anyone kinda lead me in a decent direction ?? hahah thanks very much guys !!