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    Icon12 Need Advice on Head Unit, PLEASE

    Okay, so for the past 2 weeks I have been doing countless amount of comparing, shopping, and searching for the right stereo unit, and I just need someone to tell me hopefully straight up.

    I want a stereo unit that is anywhere from 100-600 dollars and has the following:
    -voice activation bluetooth (preferred)
    -usb in front
    -GREAT SOUND (Needs to be loud and allow bass but be clear)
    -SiriusXM (nice but not neccessary)
    -single or double din
    -Radio HD would be nice
    - can hook up to a sub
    - just overall a powerfull one that i will be able to make some STRONG and ClEAR sound with...plenty of bass.

    Here is what i have so far been looking at...any suggestions? I really have no idea about audio systems too much.

    Also, if you tell me which head unit would be good, if you could also say what amp, sub, and speakers would go with it (6.5''), I might just have to marry you.


    Some stereos I was looking into but this dumb forum wouldn't let me post because of URL restrictions are Sony-CDX-GT660UP, Pioneer-DEH-X9500BHS, Pioneer-DEH-X6500BT, Pioneer-FH-X700BT,Pioneer-AVH-P2400BT, Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD, Sony-CDX-GT565UP, and Kenwood-Excelon-KDC-X396...but if you another you know that is really great then by all means say so!

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    Re: Need Advice on Head Unit, PLEASE

    @mylows10 ;

    @trumpet ;

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    One of these guys should get you exactly what you need.

    Deck: JVC KD-A95BT
    Speakers: PHD FB mid, JBL MS tweets
    Amps: Boston Acoustics GT-2125, Zed Minotaur III (x2)
    Sub: 10" SSA ICON, IA Death Penalty 18" (coming soon)
    Starr Mountain Sound Nuthugger #2 (I'm a #2 lol)
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    Re: Need Advice on Head Unit, PLEASE

    Any of the pioneer headunits listed. Also look into there APP Radios they act as in dash screen for your smartphone. I have the 80PRS it comes with a cable to extend the usb's to pretty much anywhere you want. I have a mini and I ran one into the secret I pod compartmet they have and the other I used one of my micro usm to usb and plug phone directly in. You maybe able to score the DEH-9400 for a decent price with the new stuff rleasing

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    Re: Need Advice on Head Unit, PLEASE

    Most double din's don't have the best SQ.
    Your best bet is either an 80prs or clarion cz702 (around 200). The 80prs (around 270) has some more tuning features and a good autoeq.

    Front loading usb's are going out of style... there aren't that many decks in production that have them.

    This one looks like fun as well Kenwood Excelon KDC-X696 CD receiver at
    (but I don't believe its active capable.)

    Pick any of those up used and grab a rockford 3sixty.3 processor for even better sound. You should be able to stay in your budget.
    The processor can do much more than the deck itself can and the RF one I am told does a very nice job.

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    Re: Need Advice on Head Unit, PLEASE

    Yes the 80 prs and then done cdt or Dls components as far as amps and sub are you looking for sound quality or just loud bass. Also how much power do you want. And what's your music preference

    pioneer avhx 5500 dvd, gzpa 1.4000 x 2
    ab vfl 350.4 ,7 pc 2150 and a 150 ah power ware agm ,275 amp singer alt , 2nd one coming soon
    cdt 6.5 es 6 im mids,cdt es 010 tweets,es 02 mids ,mx1000 3 way x overs , sky high and stinger hpm o gauge wires ,also 2 tantric hdd 15's in a 9.5. ^3 ported no wall box 11.5 octo port.

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    Re: Need Advice on Head Unit, PLEASE

    Despite all that you listed your requirement of clear and loud sound with bass is not very descriptive. All good quality radios will give you that with certain definitions of "clear and loud". I don't know if you will find a radio that allows voice activated phone calls, but Bluetooth isn't in big demand in my area yet. For a really reasonable price I like the Clarion CX501. It's a double DIN radio without a full screen. It has Bluetooth calling and music streaming built in and it's HD Radio and SiriusXM Ready. Clarion simply requires a universal XM tuner, the SCC1, and no intermediary interface box like Pioneer requires.

    If you think you'll make a lot of phone calls while you drive you may need a full size display. It will help with browsing your contacts and dialing numbers.

    What is the year, make, and model of your vehicle?

    Small town service, family owned and operated. See our new mobile friendly online store at
    Home to CDT Audio's Systems Design Specialist
    Perfect Fit Speaker Kits
    Our CDT Audio dealer store, Clarion,_JBL,_Pioneer,_DB Drive,_Metra,_T-Spec
    My system: Pioneer AVH-4000NEX, JBL MS-8, Clarion XC6610 x 2, CDT 6.7"/4"/1.1" in the front doors, 4"/1.1" center channel, Pioneer TS-W3003D4 12" ported, Clarion SRG-1622R rear fill

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