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    Icon32 DEH-P7200HD Fixable? - Popping and Cracking Noises When Engine Running

    First post here, signed up to post it. Does anyone know is this fixable for a reasonable price? Any clue what is wrong?

    I have a brand new condition (used a couple hours) Pioneer DEH-P7200HD that makes random soft to loud popping and cracking sounds, coming through the speakers, when the car engine is running. **It doesn't do it and plays perfectly good if the car engine is not running and just the ignition is on. Also another DEH-P7200HD that I have plays perfectly in the same car and setup and this would indicate that it's the head unit that is the problem.**

    The noise is like the popping and cracking of a fire burning, or a scratched up vinyl record but at random intervals. It can go a whole minute or 2 without doing it, maybe 3, or it can do it 3 or 4 times in a one minute period. Varies randomly but always does it with the engine running making it unusable in a running car. As I said before it does play perfect when the car engine is not running.

    It is not returnable under warranty. It was purchased a couple years ago new from ebay then shelved for several months before I attempted an install with the car battery still connected (my mistake, was tired and forgot), most likely blowing something in the head unit and causing the problem. Then it was stuck in back of a closet in it's original packaging and forgotten about until now. And when it first happened I had it checked by a car audio shop or 2 who had no idea how to fix it or diagnose it.

    I like the DEH-P7200HD (I have another one that's still works flawlessly after regular use for a couple years) and because it's basically in brand new condition other than the problem I want to use it in another car if it's reasonably cheap to fix it. Fixable? Any idea what happened when it was installed with the battery still hooked up? Thanks.
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