Looking for a good USB and bluetooth head unit. The bluetooth is just for calls mostly and I'm not too worried about that. USB is another situation...

So I received a Clarion CX510 hand after setting it up I realized it has the worst USB controls I have ever seen. Hitting next track at the end of a folder will go back to the start up the folder instead of going to the next one. There is no search option you just have to mash the folder up/down button to find what you are looking for, and the button locations are just awkward.

Does any one have good experience with a USB focused double din deck that has USB. My old stereo in a different car was a pioneer DEH-P7000BT and it was fantastic, only quirk was when it was on random and I hit next track it would just go to the next one and not choose a random one. The multi control dial was perfect for controlling folders/tracks and finding a certain artist.

I would like to not go above $300 but might be willing to go slightly above if I find the perfect stereo

Im leaning towards the pioneer AVH-P2400BT. Does anyone have any experience with it and USB controls?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!