Hi, so these are the two I am torn between.

The main thing I like about the 6450 is it has 4V RCA Preouts, which is the max my amps are rated to take. Which I understand will allow me to have lower gains allowing less noise interuption.

The X6550 is the 2013 model, but it seems they have only put standard (2V?) outputs. It is my understanding that this shouldn't affect performance or sound of the system. But I have been told if possible go for the higher volt pre outs. The things I like about this headunit is everything looks slightly more refined which is expected with a new release. And it also support android connectivity (which is what I have)

If I was having noise issues I'd be able to get a line output booster which would effectively do the same job as 4V pre outs? (Just adds an extra $150-200 to the system cost)

So what would you guys do in my situation? The 6450 is $235 shipped, and X6550 is $228 shipped.

I will be running two amps, a Boston Acoustics GT-2200 for my components and Alpine MRP-M1000 for subs.