Hi all Im building a new system for my coupe. We all know the head unit is one of the most important pieces of any car audio system so I want to make sure I spend my coin wisely... Budget is $600 or under. I like Alpine, my last car had an alpine digital media receiver (ida-x100) as the head unit and I LOVED IT!

Now im looking for something that:
Double Din (would settle for a single din with the right features)
Has AWESOME ipod integration (what I loved most about my last alpine)
Good pandora integradio
HD Radio with Radio Data Taggingg and album art where available
I would also like something that can show the GPS app WAZE from my iphone on the units touch screen while driving. (and maybe control of some other apps)

The Pioneer AVH-8400 seems to meet all these needs but it seems many users report intermittent issues with the touch screen and apparently it seams Pioneer has STILL not issued a software update to fix this. Anyone who already own can verify this?

I find it unacceptable to spent $500-$600 on a unit whose biggest feature (touchscreen) stops working for no reason at all from time to time. So I am really steered away from the Pioneer. This brings me to two other ideas

Kenwood DDX319 or JVC KW-AV60

I like both of the above units because they have volume KNOBs... normally I wouldnt consider a JVC unit (had one in my first car 10 years ago, hated it) but the reviews on it all seem to be great, and it actually offers a gps app compatible with iphone. Also love the fact that when looking in the right place I can find these units for about half what the pioneer costs.

Any particular features that either of these units lack compared to the pioneer that I may be overlooking?

And what about alpines dvd units this gen? Any type of app support built in?

The rest of the system will probably end up consisting of a set of component speakers up front, a single sub and a monoblock amp for the sub and 2/4 channel amp to power the components. I dont know how important that is when looking at a head unit but I supposed I would prefer something with 4V+ pre outs.

Im not a car audio rookie, but I am the type of guy who pays someone else for do the whole install for me. So please be patient with me and help me find what I am looking for, Im always open to suggestions from folks who know better than I do!