I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone that has run into this issue with this model (Pioneer AVH-2400BT) or similar model with an iPhone.

This unit was working great over Bluetooth with my iPhone streaming music (off the phone HD, Pandora, Slacker, etc) until I did the version 6.0 update on my iPhone 4S. Before it would show the data (Artist name, song, album\cd name) on the display and could switch songs with the next track option on the head unit as well. I recently updated my iPhone to v.6.0 and now while using the Bluetooth option I can ONLY “pause” the music and it shows no data of what is being played at all or “no data available” is what is now shown. Also now unable to switch to next track that I use to be able to.

I have tried to delete and re-connect the iPhone from scratch but still no luck. I’ve been trying to search support forums on this issue but not really finding anything since the iPhone v.6.0 just came out.

If anyone has any input or ideas please let me know. This is a great head unit until I ran into this snag now it’s the first issue or complaint I’ve ever had. I know of course I can just plug in the USB cable and that works fine but it’s nice sometimes to not have a cable hanging off my deck and can run the phone from in my pocket.

Thanks in advance