I don't need radio, HD radio, apps, streaming, blue tooth, CD player, or anything of that nature.

My one source of music is my 160GB iPod. 90% lossless files.

I do want the best DAC's, EQ's, and SQ.

Running active with Audison LRX 5.1k

Currently using Pioneer DEH-5100UB, this let's me connect my iPod via USB, use the Pioneer's DAC's, yet STILL control the iPod using the iPod itself (not the controls on the headunit- none will ever be as convenient as controlling the iPod directly). Do most headunits let you do this or is it just Pioneer?

I thought I remembered hearing Logitech had a device (receiver only, no CD player) for using in the car and connect a USB device, but now I can't find it.

Should I just keep my Pioneer and spend the money on something else? Will a new receiver make any difference?