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Reload Thread: Pioneer 80prs is garbage.

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    Re: Pioneer 80prs is garbage.

    Check this headunit ish out! revert to the first two pics. pico fuse. ended up dropping a bead of sodder over it and no issues.

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    Re: Pioneer 80prs is garbage.

    The 80 is different than previous pioneer units....

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    Re: Pioneer 80prs is garbage.

    ThegreatestPenn, is right on. I had noise froma Kraco unit in the '80's. Poor grounding. I've had everything from a Yamaha
    YCT-925, Alpine 7909, Kenwood, pioneer, etc, etc, etc....the only time I have EVER had noise problems is when I don't have proper grounding. I have a Pioneer noise. No Pico fuse issue, nothing. It's been operating for 3 years without issue. Even through 3 months of 100+ degree heat!

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