Hi there . . . I’m considering a few different DVD/Bluetooth head units (my first), but am having a heck of a time deciding which one. My only real “must have” is an external mic for Bluetooth and ability to display vids/Motion X GPS from my iphone (with the right cable). My choices are:

Jensen VM9225BT
Can’t find any reviews or feedback on this unit anywhere. Price is right, love the SD card feature but looks a little dull. No idea if I can customize or play xvid/divx files.

Sony XAV 64BT
Got a deal on this one from Futureshop, but haven’t opened it up yet. After ordering, I read a few reviews mentioning the touchscreen was laggy. Not sure if I can view Motion X GPS on the screen with the Sony AV USB cable. Can’t customize background but good EQ.

Pioneer AVH-P2400BT
I like that it has front and rear USB. Screen size is a bit smaller, but unit gets great reviews. Touchscreen is fast and responsive and you can customize background. I’m pretty sure Motion X GPS will work on here with the Pioneer USB cable. Nice EQ!

Definitely works with Motion X. Front and rear USB. Robust player and good customizations.

Which would you guys go for? I tried to post links, but was denied since it's my first post here. Thanks!