Hey Everyone,

I am brand spanking new to the car audio hobby and have a couple questions regarding my first purchase

Current Setup: '98 Cavalier, factory speakers, Kenwood KDC-316S (lololol)

Primary Needs: Would like a great iPod/iPhone interface, the best sound quality I can squeeze out of my car with just a HU upgrade, holding off on speakers/amp until I purchase a new car.

Current Budget: $250. But after researching on here it looks like I might wanna stretch that a little

From what I've read so far it appears that Pioneer is the way to go for a great iPod interface so I've narrowed it down to the DEH-P7400HD or Pioneer DEH-80PRS. I know these are miles apart. My car is obviously old and I will be looking to get something new within 6 months (max) and once I do I have no issue getting an entire new system. But for now I am in dire need of a new HU. Should I go cheap (7400HD) for now? If I go top shelf with the 80PRS will it even run ok? Will it be a waste even if it does?

Thanks for any suggestions!