2 days ago I fried my amp and melted some of the wires, so I took out my entire system. I have my subs and my voltmeter in there still. I still have the RCA's and the blue cable that connects my radio to my amp as well. Those are however just laying around in the back of the car.

Anyways, Yesterday I was driving around for several hours, and my radio was working fine. Then today, I was driving around a bit and made it for maybe 20 minutes, then my radio started going in and out for a few seconds, and then the screen said it was in protect mode.

After a little while I took the front off, pushed the reset button, and it did it again about 5 minutes later.

What I'm wondering, is could it have to do with my RCA cables and the other wire not being plugged into an amp? If not, what could other reasons for this problem be? Thanks.