I'm doing a small install in a RAV4 with the factory HU passing a signal to a Bit Ten. Today I finally got around to measuring the outputs on my HU and Bit Ten in preparation for the sub and component installation.

With the engine running I hooked up the stock HU speaker leads to an O scope and found that it starts to clip at a level of 48/60. I then played a sine wave at that level to set the input level on the Bit Ten to the point where the clipping indicators light up for a brief moment at the top frequency of the sine wave. The level landed just a little above 2 on the Bit Ten's input level dial (goes to 5). Next step, I measured the output voltage on the RCAs out from the Bit Ten to get a sense of the output voltage to the amps. It fluctuated some but measured around 1.7v at peak.

Question is: do those numbers seem in line with what others are seeing with a factory HU/processor combo? Anything seem out of whack? All measurements were done with a sine wave at the HU's max non clipped volume.

Thanks in advance.