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Reload Thread: My 80prs is killing me

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    Re: My 80prs is killing me

    80prs is miles ahead of the 9887

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    Re: My 80prs is killing me

    Page 25 of the manual shows LEVEL adjustments for LOW/MID/HIGH. -24 to +6 for the sub (LOW), same as my 880.

    Had me worried about no sub level as I'm installing a prs80 in a friend's ride next week.

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    Re: My 80prs is killing me

    Quote Originally Posted by Imtjnotu View Post
    80prs is miles ahead of the 9887
    with respect to intergration features - yes.

    with respect to tuning - no

    a 16 band eq is less useful than a parametric (but the graphic is easier for most people to use).

    if you need to EQ, you should consider correcting the speaker installation first. speaker aiming and crossover selection goes a long way to negating EQ needs. i ditched the H701 to run solely the 9887 because the extra processor just added noise. with the H701 i took time to RTA each driver and EQ each driver. while it helped, it wasn't natural. now that I have fixed my speaker installations, my EQ is flat.

    The 99REX is way ahead of anything mentioned in this thread.

    Alpine makes sub level control the #1 adjustment when you press the volume knob. always has. it's the right thing to do.

    Pioneer makes you dig through a menu. that is just stupid.

    In general, Pioneer head units have always been cumbersome to navigate.

    The older Alpine HU's were annoying in that the tuning menus timed out quickly and you had to save a preset to save the setting.

    The 9887 allows for fast comparison of the 6 presets for each tuning option (crossover, eq, t/a). I can change t/a presets (on seat vs two seats) in about 4 seconds. and more importantly, it always saves the adjustment without needing to save to a preset. this is huge.

    And yes, by adjusting the level of each output you do achieve a "sub level". but spending 30 seconds looking for it isn't very useful.

    and we all know about Pioneer's noise issues.

    I'm an Alpine fan, have been for almost 20 years. Even before I had a car, i was helping install Alpine head units.
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    Re: My 80prs is killing me

    well gee i was late.

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    Re: My 80prs is killing me

    I wouldnt mind have a 80prs because they have hand mode for the ipod now but i love my 880prs to much even tho i hardly know how to work it

    still have alot of stuff i need to invest in

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    Re: My 80prs is killing me

    Quote Originally Posted by whitemax View Post
    I'll probably be putting my CDA-7998 in pretty soon. Sweet HU.
    The first deck I fell in love with.... Oh summer romances...

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