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So my KDC-X395 appears to be shitting the bed. About once every week my usb input aux input and cd reader all stop working and won't start working again until you unhook the power to it. It always starts to work again but this is starting to get rather annoying. I have a friend who would buy it brand new for $140.00 he believes everything online is a scam somehow so he only goes to the shops in town who are way out to lunch on their product. This same amp is about 300 brand new their and a wiring harness for it is $50.00. Now to end my pointless rambling should I sell it to him and just buy a different head unit? I know I could find a better head unit for exactly what I'd sell it for so i'm thinking may aswell. What would be a good upgrade? I do not need pandora bluetooth or navigation I just want the customizabilty my current one has with a much better build quality. This one feels very cheap imo.

KDC396 shitting out still works but is flawed. Some idiot told me he'd buy it for 140 in the current condition. Should I sell it and get a different head unit? Which head unit would be a good upgrade? No blue tooth no pandora no navigation bs.