ok so at the moment I have an Alpine CDE-102E which has been great up until now, I have just got myself a GPS app on my iphone 4s "NAVIGON" which works GREAT if you looking for a GPS on your phone, but my problem is that I can't hear the directions the phone gives me so i am hoping someone can either tell me how I can be listening to the radio or a cd or whatever and when the directions are given or i get a phone call it dulls the music and plays through the speakers, I would also like this to incorporate a hands free type system for the phone so possibly will need a microphone, as you can tell im not really up with the car audio side of things.
If i can do this with the head unit i have it would be great if not could i please get some recommendations for a new one, nothing to flash as i drive a Landcruser ute and it gets quite a beating.
thanks in advance for your help