I recently hooked up a Pioneer AVH-P4400BH in my 04 Nissan 350z (with factory bose, no GPS). I got it from crutchfield so it came with everything I needed, EB bypass was a snap with a cheap 2-input switch. The sound quality is WAY better than factory, and I don't have to worry about skipping cd's or speakers cutting out anymore which is super nice. I do have a couple issues, though.

I put my (roughly) 9GB music collection into a folder on a 32 GB USB thumb drive and hooked it into the USB slot but I'm only seeing about 1000 songs. It stops somewhere in the O's, and I'm really missing my Toadies. Is this some kind of limitation, you can only see 1k songs in thumb drives? Is there some way around it? I have an android phone and streaming music from the phone via bluetooth is a breeze but I'd rather not waste my battery (and it's nice not having to wonder what constant bluetooth rays beaming out from my crotch is doing to my sperm count...)

Also, is there a way to make playlists for music on the USB stick? By playlist I don't mean putting the mp3's in separate folders.

Thanks for any help,