Hey guys, I have a kenwood ddx 318 HU and a jl hd 1200/1 on a jl 12w7, when I go to set the gains on the amp with my DMM , what position should the bass knob in my dash be at? I set it to proper voltage already with bass knob disconnected then connected it and i dont get any bass at all until the knob is almost all the way turned up? the knob isnt a bass boost i dont believe it is gain knob turn bass down or back up to pre set on the amp, I use it only if a certain song comes on and the bass is to over powering or if someone is in the car to, also iv never messed with the sub level function on my HU its always been at zero but should i always keep it at zero ? and for setting the bass mids and treble on HU whats best HZ for each i think treble is at 17.5 hz, cant remember the mids and bass is 80hz i think i just want the best sound i can get and the most out of the my sub. this is first aftermarket HU so all the extra eq new to me, and audio shop by me (only one close ) wants to charge me 65$ to do it all for me and its pointless to me cause they dont use a DMM and if you guys can give me rough idea where your eqs are i can maybe go from there and itd help a lot and save some money, thanks everyone.