Figured I'd post up here, see if anyone has had experience with this type of setup.

I purchased one of these adapters from ebay, looks to be the same thing as the PAC ones that are available on amazon and crutchfield.
Hooked everything up, it seems to be doing its job, I'm now able to select CD as a source, however, when I tried to test it out, I hooked up my phone (tried my friend's too) and no sound was coming out.
The weirdest part is that the spectrograph animation in the background is going, so I know the deck is getting the signal, but yet it's almost like the output is disabled. (all of my stuff is amped, but I also tried a speaker on the deck's amp). Also, the display says CD, and track time shows as 0000 or whatever.
One other thing to note is that it seems that there is only amplifier "hiss" when the CD source is selected, whereas when I select the normal input, there is more "hiss". Makes me think that the outputs are disabled, vs. it being an input issue.

I'm trying to figure out if this is an issue with the adapter, compatibility, or a settings thing.

Not sure how these things normally function, any insight would be appreciated.