I am going to be installing an Alpine INA-W910 in my 2011 F150 FX2 (w/SYNC, no NAV, Sony "premium" audio).

I will be using the "PAC MS-FRD1 Ford Sync Radio Replacement interface" harness. I wanted to see if anybody has used this interface (or similar) and how complete it is with regards to the connection integration. That is, microphone input, rear camera in, reverse, foot brake, parking brake and audio interrupt. Just trying to get an idea in advance where I will need to manually splice into the factory harness (if at all).

I will also be using the "PAC SWI-JACK JVC/Alp/Clari/Ken Steering Wheel Radio" interface for the steering wheel controls. That looks pretty straightforward connections-wise but if anybody has experience installing and setting one of those, suggestions and/or advice appreciated.