I just ordered the Innovatek W-72GPS Head Unit, and have a few questions, Ok, first off i know its not a high quality item, but for the price i figured, what the heck.

Anyways it runs on Windows CE 6.0, and uses USB and Memory car5ds to transfer music/video, as it doesnt have a dvd drive, which is fine for me, it also will apparently support HDD up to 1 GB!

So, is it possible to install programs into this unit, such as, say NetFlix? (im doubting it as there is no windows CE version)....

And, seeing how it has BlueTooth, would it be possible to use a small BT Keyboard with the head unit? (that would be cool!!)

I should get the unit and back up camera next week, and i'll post a follow up with my first opinion on it there after.... all in all for the price ( under 300.00 for everything), i thought i'd try it, if it doesnt break down right away, then ill be happy..... i intend to get a 5 channel 3200 watt amp, 2 infinity 225 watt 6.5" door speakers, 2 infinity 175 watt 4x6 pillar speakers (for my chevy 1500 silverado), and a 10" kicker sub..... all in all it should do for sound!