I have the KENWOOD DNX-6180 TOUCHSCREEN DVD/GPS Navigation head unit.
I have a pair of the JL Audio C5-570 and a pair of the C5-570x speakers.
I have a JL Audio HD600/4 and a HD750/1 amps.
I have a JL Audio stealthbox.
JL Audio wiring through out.
Everything is hidden. Nothing except for the Stealthbox can be seen..and, of course the head unit.

This system already sounds AMAZING!!!!!....but...

I am thinking I need to add a PREAMP EQ. Reason being is I listen to all types of music..EVERYTHING out there that is produced well and does not produce distortion, I listen to it. If it is a crappy production and has distortion in it, I do NOT put it through my system. I build my stereo systems to be powerful and clear. If they do not produce those qualities, they get trashed. I must add, although my stereo can be heard outside the vehicle, it is the quality that is heard INSIDE the cab that I am after....this system is absolutely amazing.

I put all this on a 2006 F-150 King Ranch truck. I am currently constructing a cover for the Kenwood so you can not even see it...

NOW:::: I am thinking about adding a PREAMP EQ so I can dial in certain music at a touch instead of going through the many steps of the Kenwood...

Can I hear some of your thoughts and recommendations of a PREAMP EQ for this system?

I do NOT care what it costs as long as it puts out quality sound without noise and distortion.

Lets hear what you think!!