As some of you know, I'm a Clarion HU junkie. I have some extra $$ killing me so I need to decide on which HU to get. Both are Clarion HU's, top of the line for that yr.

HX-D10, $80
I have a DPH910 EQ/DSP/Xover for it- but my 9575 can control it, but I'm bidding on a DPH7500z for the 9575

DRX9675Z, $65
Does what the HX-D10 and DPH910 can do combined all in 1 unit, Appears to be missing the #2 button or it's faded from use.

Both are about the same as far as how hard they are to find, if I had to guess, the 9675 would be a bit harder to find, BUT the D10 is ranked up there (almost comparable) to their 9255 HU's (ADDZEST ones too).