Probably know the answer (unfortunately) to this question, but figured I'd ask around. When playing music from an sd card or usb drive, I can't seem to get album art to display.

This may or may not be as intended. Crutchfield states:

Display Modes: The Pioneer MVH-P7300 offers the following display modes for audio/video files stored on a USB memory device or SD/SDHC memory card.

Numeric Text: Track number and elapsed playing time.
Alphanumeric Text: Song title, artist name, and album label.
Images: Album art, JPEG still image, or DivX video image.

However the manual is a little more (or less) clear on the matter:

4 Artwork/Source image display area


! Artwork display or Source image display

External storage device (USB, SD)

! Source image display

I am assuming this means the crutchfield description is wrong, and only an iPod plugged into the head unit will display art work. That also means I am a little disappointed in the engineers at Pioneer, with all the features this head unit has, something as simple and elegant as album art being show doesn't seem like a technical impossibility.

Your .02 appreciated, gonna call crutchfield and pioneer (ha) on Monday and see what the deal is.