So, I've been looking for a new headunit to replace the stock unit in my 07 350z. I've been looking at an Alpine w900, though its got a lot of the features I want, there are some it's lacking.

Let me cut to the chase, these are the spec's I'm looking for:

-Double Din
-Can control iPod
-Has separate aux cable from iPod
-Can take front USB
-Can take SD/micro card
-Not too many buttons
-Single led color (don't want a headunit flashing 3-4 colors across the buttons)


Double Din:
I want it to fill the current space, plus the double din's have the better 7" tft touchscreen.

iPod Control:
I'd like to just be able to leave a 120gig iPod full of music somewhere inside the car. I don't need it outside of the car as I listen to music through my Android phone.

Seperate Aux Cable:
Just in case I feel like streaming through my smartphone.

Front USB/(micro)SD:
I have friends who like to throw stuff on SD's or USB sticks and would like to be able to play stuff off of them on occasion.

Not too many buttons/Single LED color:
My interior lights/displays are orange. Too many more colors will just make the interior clash.

Ideas? I'd like to stick with Alpine as I use to have one of their units in another car. The sound quality and digital processing was something a lot of others at the time couldn't match.