I am trying to find a HU that will play movies off the usb. There's not many apparently. Seems like the Kenwood DDX896 (and the related nav unit) can play H264 movies from usb as it says in the manual. Unfortunately they didn't list any specific spec regarding the h264 files (such as what's the highest bit rate/resolution/file size, etc). I have a ton of music video files as well as some HD movies so i would really like to know if i can play these on the kenwood ddx896. IF anyone has this deck, please let me know what their experience is regarding this. Thanks

Also i heard that Pioneer Z110 120 may also play h264 files from usb but seems the spec of the h264 files they can play is somewhat limited. Much appreciate if anyone with pioneer z110 or 120 130 series can commment. Thanks

If you have any other suggestion regarding a HU that can play H264 from usb, please let me know. Thanks