I'm installing my first head unit with bluetooth capabilities. I purchased the Clarion FZ709 and the Metra Wiring harness that goes with my vehicle. Everything hooked up fine with the color coding, except for one problem, there is a wire that goes from the HU harness that is for the Phone Mute Lead. However, the metra harness doesn't have a brown or maroon wire to connect it to. The only wire left is the orange "Dimmer".

In the Clarion HU instructions it says "The lead included with the unit must be connected to the specified position of the vehicles ISO connector in order to use the "triggered audio mute for cellular telephones" function.

Unfortunately the Metra harness doesn't have a brown/maroon wire to connect it to (even though the packaging says it does).

So, I'm assuming this means one of two things:

1. The wire isn't necessary and I can cap it and the functionality will be fine.
2. I need to hook it up somewhere and I'm too stupid to figure out where the Phone mute lead is suppose to go.

Any words of advice?