Hi Guys,

short version:
I am looking for a head unit with an interface that is user-friendly while driving without having to use a remote to navigate multiple folders of mp3s. Looking to use DVD or SD based mp3 libraries. Under $200 and single DIN preferred.

long version:
I come from using primarily pioneer cd based mp3 units. I'm tired of carrying around a bunch of cds so I want to go dvd or sd and only have 1 or 2 dvds/cards. The biggest problem I've seen is navigating folders and reading titles while driving. I have a zune and ipod touch, but do not want the hassle of carrying them around and keeping them charged for the car. Basically I want an interface that is as intuitive as a zune or ipod, but based in a HU.

I recently bought an SPL SID-3201 off of ebay that supports the media that I want to use (and was cheap - 120) but... O.....M.....G... what a HORRIBLE interface and navigation system! I haven't even put this POS in my car yet, and might not even get that far. The text for folders/filenames is LITERALLY 2mm tall!! You couldn't read the track titles unless you are inches from the stupid thing. I cannot say enough BAD things about this unit and I haven't even installed it yet..how bad is that. Oh and you cannot jump folders without using the remote. Horrible, horrible interface.

I've seen a couple vids of some alpine units that looked to have awesome mp3 based interfaces, but it seemed they were integrated only when an ipod was connected?

Please post any advice or suggestions! Thanks