About 4 months ago I purchased an Alpine CDA-105 Head Unit (I love it) Only one thing; I have an 8 gb jump drive I'm using for music, and the unit will ONLY read all of my songs if I have them in folders, with less than 100 per folder. I understand for the average person that is nice, but I would like to expand the functions of this unit as they are meant to be. Like when I go to seek an artist, I can only seek that folder. I have about 830 songs, so I would in essence have to search 8.3 folders. I have alphabetized all the songs in all of the folders, but this is still a pain...and when I get a new song, from that artist, that may be in a folder with already 100 songs, then I can't add it to that, without making space...etc. So basically, what should I do here so that I can make the unit read all of my songs, in a folder, that is more than just 100? Also - Somewhat relevant, the randomize all selection on the unit will randomize all of my songs in all folders, but it appears to play one song 3 times before I ever hear another. I suppose a TRUE randomization would cause this, where you can pick the same one more than once, but is there a way to make it play every song one time before playing another twice...?

Thanks in advance