Hello, noob to this forum and to quality car audio. Been lurking here for the past month and realize the wealth of experience here, including personal opinions. My overall desire is for sound quality. My main experience is with my home system. Just started on my 4Runner by installing a KDC-X994 HU this past weekend. My plan is (as budget allows) speakers and deadening next, amp(s),sub, then better speakers, better amps etc. you know the drill.
Currently the set-up is: 1998 4Runner Limited, X994 HU, factory premium (whatever that means) comps up front (tweeters in sail panel, mids in lower door) and coaxials in rear doors.
The Question: Is there any reason I can't disconnect my rear speakers, hook those leads to my front mids, take the current leads off the front mids and hook them to the tweets? The goal being is being able to use the HU TA for the tweets and door mids and the HU crossovers. Till I get amps, I can't separately TA and xover my tweeters from the mids. The HU treats the front comps as a single left and right speakers. I only care for front staging and imaging right now. When I get a sub I'll be interested in rear mid woofers to help bring the subs forward.

Advice, potential problems and recommendations appreciated.

p.s. Is this the right forum for this?