I want to install an iPad in my truck to do nav, play MP3s, etc.

I am having a hard time trying to decide how to set up the head unit or if I should just go head unitless.

I need AM/FM radio. I could add it to the iPad system via an add on USB AM/FM tuner. Or I could use a head unit.

Dash space is at a premium, ie I don't have much left after mounting the iPad.

Not sure if I need Bluetooth on the head unit. I'm hoping that Apple will improve iOS so that it will handle it. But Bluetooth would be a welcome addition until that happens.

I'm looking for a head unit with an easy to use interface. My wife often wants to find radio stations while I am driving. I don't want 100 fiddly little buttons or commonly used menu options buried 3 layers deep. I would like a nice large display, especially for the radio stations.

The best I have found is the Kenwood KDC-X994. It would be nice to have a DIN 1.5 unit with buttons for the presets.

Comments/advice/ideas ?

Thanks !