Can't seem to find to many reviews on this kenwood unit. Saw it at a shop and it looked pretty decent and it has bluetooth built in with external mic. Only thing I noticed is it doesn't have actually preset buttons, they eliminated most of the buttons on the front for a more stealth look I guess. Its $230 which seems pretty fair but just not sure about this unit.

Would anyone recommend this unit or keep looking elsewhere? I currently have two units, a D3 and a Z2 and after serveral break in attempts to get these units I am getting away from the flashy stuff, plus I don't use all the features. I just need something that sounds good, has decent EQ settings, hopefully 4v pre-outs and fast ipod control. If not the Kenwood unit any others I should focus on? The local classified also have a CDA9884 for cheap. I had the cda9886 for about 4months before someone smashed out my window and decided they wanted it more than me. I did however like that unit and the ipod controls were easy, fast and to the point.